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About Carradice


Carradice have been making saddlebags and panniers for more than 70 years. 
In the early 1930's Wilf Carradice first made a saddlebag for himself and discovered it was far better than anything else available. Friends soon asked for copies.


By the end of the 30's Carradice were making tents, rucksacks, sleeping bags and jackets too. Throughout the 40's and 50's our bags were the choice of every hard riding tourist or clubman.


By the 70's Wilf was wanting to retire and to pass the firm's experience and reputation onto someone who would continue to produce bags to the same exacting standards.

Fortunately Neville Chadwick, a keen cyclist saw the potential for quality made cycle bags and took the company on. Demand again began to outstrip the production facilities and two moves to larger premises followed. David took over from his dad in 1994 and the business has flourished under his enthusiastic management.http://www.carradice.co.uk/~carra/carradice-admin/tiny_mce/plugins/imagemanager/files/old-catalog.gif


All Carradice Cotton Duck bags are handcrafted in our workshop in Nelson. Sewing cotton duck is highly skilled work, in which we take great pride.

A large proportion of bags (especially the traditional cotton duck ones) are exported around the world with a particularly strong following in Denmark, Germany, Japan and the USA.

In the last twenty years Carradice kit has probably been the choice of more worldwide cycling expeditions than any other.

Carradice commission a bespoke bicycle

At Carradice, we're all bicycle nuts and although attending Bespoked is meant to be about promoting our products, we just can't help being drawn to all those beautiful handmade bicycles.


And so, last year David commissioned a bespoke bicycle hand-crafted by Sven Cycles - the winner of the 2014 Bespoked "Best Touring Bicycle Award" 

The rationale for the purchase is obvious to everyone: most of the bikes we use to display our bags at shows and for product photography are starting to look very beaten up. The new bike will be kept pristine and used solely for display (won't it?!)

Darron at Sven Cycles opted for a predominantly black frame with gleaming nickel plating on the forks and rear triangle, beautifully complemented by polished metal components and tiny flashes of red, including the Sven logo. Adding the Carradice logo to the top tube is the icing on the cake. We love it and it will show our bags to perfection.

The materials we use:



Cotton Duck - the original performance fabric